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Premium QUEO

Early harvesting.

First in the class, the earliest riser. Our early harvest oil, from the first harvest, pure and simple, but with a unique character and nuances.

Other QUEO oils

Arbequina selection & Organic

Extra virgin olive oils with intense green fruitiness. They have different fruity aromas, but both have clearly perceptible bitter and spicy flavors.

Award-winning oils

Internationally for its quality

In Queo we have been awarded with the CINVE 2023 GOLD award for our EVOO, of great quality, flavor and elaboration. This is an international olive oil event in which other companies in the same sector participate. They also award several different prizes for other sectors, but all of them of their own elaboration.

100% Spanish product

Our main pillar is the product, the olive, which comes from olive trees that we pamper throughout the year to produce the best quality olives. We are field, we are essence

Thanks to the very early harvesting of the fruit, a careful harvesting process, transport control and the exhaustive monitoring that we carry out in the mill, we can ensure a cold extraction at a temperature of no more than 20º, which gives our oils perceptible aromas of healthy and fresh olives, with hints of vegetables or other vegetables such as leaves or green herbs, with outstanding fruity notes. It has a clean and fragrant taste of healthy olives, with a balanced and clearly perceptible bitterness and spiciness.

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Premium QUEO

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Extra Virgin

Warranty and quality

Production of high quality olive oils

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We offer payment by credit card or bank transfer

Secure shipments

For shipments to the Canary and Balearic Islands please contact us.

100% Spanish origin

Extra virgin olive oil made in Porcuna (Jaén)

Back to the roots

Natural, sustainable, close

Our work begins with the formation of the fruit in our own olive groves and ends with the sale of the final product and the transmission of the new philosophy of extra virgin olive oil to the consumer.

Our field strategy is based on being a productive model in rural areas, sustainable, that creates wealth and helps to fix the population in our town, Porcuna.

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The olives are harvested between October and November using an umbrella to avoid any deterioration of the fruit. Harvesting takes place in the early morning hours in order to control the temperature at all times.

Temperature control in the oil mill is vital to preserve all the organoleptic characteristics.

Bottling is carried out as soon as possible to avoid oxidation of the oil and to preserve all its attributes.

Correct storage is extremely important in the process, so it is crucial to keep our product in a dry, cool place and protected from the sun.

Our heart

La Almazara

Control in the mill is essential to produce high quality extra virgin olive oil.

We do not exceed a temperature of 20ºC so that all the flavors and aromas remain in our EVOO.

The cleanliness of all the oil mill areas is equally important in order to avoid any trace that could damage the quality of the extra virgin olive oil we produce.

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Stay informed through our blog where we will publish news and information of quality and interest about the wonderful world of EVOO.

What our customers say about

Queo Porcuna

Vicente Hdz.Vicente Hdz.
11:59 14 Mar 23
Sin duda es uno de los mejores aceites que he probado . Sabor muy intenso con baja acidez , es perfecto !
Daniel DelgadoDaniel Delgado
09:51 05 Jan 23
Gran aceite!!! De lo mejor que he probado. Equilibrado y apto para todo tipo de uso, especialmente para amantes de un buen desayuno o ensalada
Magnífico aceite! Me ha recordado la pureza de los sabores y aromas de mi infancia. Qué gusto poder recoger esto en una botella! Enhorabuena a los productores.
Miguel BarrionuevoMiguel Barrionuevo
12:18 03 Jan 23
De los mejores aceites de oliva virgen extra que he probado!!!! Riquísimo!!!
Expetacular buenísimo , buena calidad y precio correcto

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